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Full information about Establishment Gravel Hill Lighting at We are a Trade Only Company, Hereford, England HR1 4AA. Find the address of the company, the phone for communication, opening hours, feedback from customers and employees, as well as other information.


We are a Trade Only Company, Hereford, England HR1 4AA
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+44 1432 806128



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Gravel Hill Lighting

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  • Rachel Healey
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    AWFUL! I wouldn't even give this company 1 star. PHONELINE IS DISCONNECTED, Email response is slower than posting mail. The website has a contact section to ask question or discuss query, but obviously does not work as I was eventually told they only received one email from me, and god forbid you send them a facebook message!

    Absolutely no confidence in a company that can't communicate/chooses to not be contactable. If you have an issue there is no way of being able to resolve it until it's too late. I was told my order had been cancelled, only to find that it was posted 'signed for' and received the day after cancellation. My specific order can not normally be cancelled due to custom measurement, but because I was unable to contact them by EVERY way of contact they provide, I was completely uneasy and asked to cancel anyway. When I finaly got an email, it was to state my order was cancelled, but they had not cancelled it, or acknowledged any other contact made. I can return these goods though as 'a gesture of goodwill', but at my inconvenience of having to post back and spend postage. (Gravel Hill charge extortionate rates for postage. No other company selling the same products charge these large rates)
    The Co-owner of the company believes that this is acceptable and will make no acknowledgement of her companies failings in communication, or sheer lack of competance in checking basic orders and whether they have cancelled the right one. CLEARLY NOT IN THIS CASE.
    I for one can not do business in this manner and will always choose a larger supplier in future over this small business, purely because it seems that they can't even get the basics right, and there is no comparison within customer service (not hard to beat, it's non existent from this company)
    All any customer wants is to be reassured that they are in good hands...... you won't get that from here though!
    Thank goodness I only placed a small order here and didn't hand over too much of my hard earn't money.
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Bespoke Lighting Designs | Gravel Hill Lighting  
Gravel Hill Lighting is a UK based Lighting company that specilises in bespoke lighting designs to meet a wide variety of clients needs.

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